Hello everyone.  It has been a while since I have updated this blog but hopefully have the time to do more.  I have worked on quite a few different projects in the last couple of years after working on the MonoMac project, most significantly MonoGame, System.Drawing implementation using coregraphics and other various projects.

This brings me to my newest project – Cocos2D-XNA, the parent repository located at Jacob`s github repository, which was started by Jacob Anderson of TotallyEvil Entertainment.

A short description of the project can be found here Cocos2d For XNA Home Page and just to be clear it uses MonoGame for the rendering engine on all the different platforms.  We support true XNA projects as well.

In the last couple of months we have spent a lot of time fixing rendering problems, getting the source repository on github.in order, C#-ifying the code, and basically converting the objective-c-isms to our favorite C# patterns like using Actions, Events and Delegates.

We will also have some pre-release 1.0 templates available through Visual Studio as well as NuGet packages via the Extension Manger.  We are finalizing the pre-release 1.0 version of these now.  We are also working on Xamarin Studio integration, so stay tuned.

In the next couple of days I will also be starting some articles on Getting Started with Cocos2D-XNA on the different platforms.

Until then head over to the Cocos2d For XNA Home Page and say hi or just look around to start getting familiar with this great multi-platform game creation platform.  You can also reach us on IRC at #cocos2d-xna where the developers, Jake, Gena and myself, hang out.