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How To Get Puk Code For My Sim Card

How To Get Puk Code For My Sim Card. How to unlock a sim with a pin unlock key (puk) go to your account overview and open the my wireless section. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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If you're not in possession of your sim packet (sim card holder), please speak with an agent; If you enter a wrong code 10 times in a row, the sim card permanently locks, and you will need to get a new sim. When you buy a sim card, it comes in a piece of plastic with information about the mobile carrier.

The Puk Code Is Sim Card Spesific It Comes With The Sim Card When You Get It Or You Can Get It By Calling Your Phone Service Provider Of The Sim Card To Get A Puk (Pin Unlock Key) Code Is Required To Unlock Sim Cards That Have Become Locked Following Three Successive Incorrect Pin Entries.

Switch the sim pin feature off. Contact telkomsel virtual assistant on the following application channels: Sometimes the network will give you this when you first get the sim card, but not all networks do this.

After This, Switch Your Phone Off And Put Out Your Sim Card From It.

You can use it to unlock a blocked sim pin. There you will find the pin code and the puk code (later on we will talk about it). I typed in the wrong sim pin 3 times and now its telling me that i need the puk code to unlock it.

Now Again Insert Your Sim And Just After Switching On Your Mobile Type This Secret Code “ *22233421# “.

Enter your current sim pin and click done. To enter a puk code and unblock the pin, follow these steps: Glo nigeria = dial 121.

Some Providers Let You See Your Puk When You Log In To Your Online Account.

Under see device options, select get your pin unlock key (puk). You can call customer care from the pin blocked screen as usually such an option is given. There is a puk 1 and puk 2 code to help with securing your sim pin.

Go To Settings > Mobile Data Or Cellular > Sim Pin.

Pick up your hand set (mobile) into your hand and insert your sim car into it. The pin and puk codes can be found on the sim card packet that is provided to you when the sim was purchased. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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